Crownewourth Tropicals

of Sarasota

Purveyours of Fine Tropicals

"to exceed our customers expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction"
Crownewourth Tropicals of Sarasota is your choice for short/long term plant hires and tropical plant /table dish garden sales. 
We are a company that specializes in plant hires for all of your special events .
Our creative approach will give you that much needed warmth and finishing touch that an empty room needs to make your event special. 
Crownewourth Tropicals of Sarasota plants and accessoriess are of the highest quality. We have a huge selection to fit any decor or design idea.
“Plants take substances out of the air through the tiny openings in their leaves,“But research in their labs has determined that plant leaves, roots and soil bacteria are all important in removing trace levels of toxic vapors.”
Indoor plants offer natural solutions:
*They filter and absorb toxins that cleanse the air!
*By keeping one plant per 100 sq ft of office space, you can effectively improve air quality and help keep your employees healthy!
Plants contribute to stress reduction, as well as reduced fatique, headache and significantly fewer employee sick days!

Our Team

Robert, known as the "Garden Guy" has been in the plant  business since 1980. His plant knowledge allowed him to  assist the founders of Home Depot set up their 3rd & 4th garden  centre and nursery. 

 The next 30 years found him in charge of landscape projects of  such South Florida landmarks as the University of Miami  campus, Bayside Marketplace, Arch Creek State Park and the  City of Hallandale Beach. He also was responsibilbe for design  of the Washington State Convention Centre indoor/outdoor  floral and plant displays.

 Robert has utilized his uncommon knowledge of  tropical plants. He has given numerous public lectures on  tropical plants & orchids, guest hosting on Seattle's beloved "  Gardening with Cisco" talk radio show.

 You will find Robert very approachable and most willing to  assist in your plant needs.


 Scottie has an extensive  business background.    He retired from high end residential sales for Sotheby's  Fine Homes & Estates Division in Beverly Hills California and Greenwich Connecticut.

He followed one of his passions for exotic classic cars and began a small brokerage company specializing in Rolls Royce, Bentley and Jaguar motor cars.  He is an avid car collector and enthusiast.

 Scottie  has also worked as a wholesale flower broker serving local florists with their flower needs. His  love  and passion  for gardening and plants has brought him  to this  industry.

 Scottie is very  happy to assist with any questions you may have.


Matt Dillon AKA Monsieur Chat Noir is our quality control inspector here at Crownewourth Tropicals ensuring no lizards hop a ride with our plants. 
He is a truly dedicated employee. He is a conisseur of Meow Mix and fancies himself  champion cat napper. He is a rather pleasant sort indeed!

Proud Member of the Affordable Elegance Group of Wedding &Event Designers